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    Professional Masonry Contractors

    Committed to excellence delivering our experience and expertise to your convenience. Trojan Home Repair provides highly trained and skilled craftsmanship and superb service at affordable rates. Our mission statement has stood the test of time and our team works to exceed all expectations for our clients. Specializing in

    Trojan Home Repair

    Trojan Home Repair

    Our services extend to the needs of fulfilling all outdoor living space requirements on your residential or commercial property. Are you looking for outdoor kitchen work? Fire Pit work? Fireplace? Masonry in my area that meets the building and repairing requirements, are fully licensed and insured, and higher the manpower to deliver on all of your outdoor living space needs.These are big projects and by no means are we expecting you to make such a big decision so fast. We come to your property with our portfolio to help guide you in the right direction in making the decision that will last for the long term. Fill out the contact form or give us a call to start the process of receiving the complimentary estimate on your property. Trojan Home Repair options made available to you.

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    It is our mission statement to value the customer and go above and beyond to exceed all expectations when working with us. Making the decision on who to choose can be difficult and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the process of making the decision.

    Are you looking for someone to make the process super simple with a step by step game plan laid out for you. We will provide the most efficient and effective blueprint for your success. We stand behind each and every project we have completed. If you are in need of emergency repair services we are able to help in a timely fashion to satisfy your urgency.